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Topic: Acting on the promises of God

Abraham's promise

September 9, 2008
Pastor Jason Henrichson
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It is not enough to simply know the promises of God. It is not enough to memorize the promises of God. We must submit ourselves to the promises.

Faith is not faith until we act on it. If we believe something in our head then it is just an idea or a thought. It is not faith until we act as if that belief is true.

Abraham was promised by God that Isaac’s descendants would be blessed. This promise was given to Abraham before Isaac was even born.

Years later God instructed Abraham to offer his childless son Isaac as a sacrifice on a mountain in the region of Moriah. Despite this odd request of God, Abraham knew that his son would live because his son did not have any descendants yet. As he traveled through the wilderness in obedience to God with his son and his two servants, Abraham was submitting himself to the promise of God. Abraham understood that Isaac’s descendants would be blessed because God said so.

Once they reached the mountain Abraham told his servants to stay at the foot of the mountain and that he and his son would both return to them.

As they climbed up the mountain Abraham was still submitting himself to the promise that Isaac’s descendants would be blessed. God would not have said it if it wasn’t true.

You know the story. God saw Abraham’s obedience. God recognized the faith of Abraham. God provided a sacrifice in the place of his son Isaac. Surprise, surprise! Abraham was right! He trusted that what God said would come to pass and it did.

Imagine the sheer joy and excitement as father and son walked back down the mountain together! Imagine the respect that Isaac had for his father because he witnessed such a great act of faith. All because Abraham submitted himself to the promise that God gave him originally. Abraham not only believed it in his head but acted on it as well.

At Authority In Christ Ministries we want everyone to learn and know all the promises that God has for them. But we can do nothing to make a person actually submit to those promises. That is up to each and every person to do on his or her own.

Take a step today! Stand on a promise of God! Act as if that promise is real instead of just believing it in your head. God will honor your faithfulness just as He did for Abraham!

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