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Topic: Acting on the promises of God

Savior or Lord

November 30, 2014
Pastor Jason Henrichson
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Lord or Savior

Recently we were approached by a woman who requested prayer regarding a painful health issue that was affecting her hearing, speech and equilibrium. Her doctors had not yet been able to diagnose the problem.
We had determined that this woman had faith enough to be healed because she reached out to us twice and when she was finally able to reach us she went out of her way to come see us.
When we met with her it became apparent rather quickly that this woman was not living her life “as unto the Lord”. Her lifestyle was not one becoming of a true God-fearing Christian. She told us that she had accepted Jesus as her Savior but when we asked her if she had made Jesus her Lord her response was, “What’s the difference?” As we explained in detail the difference between Jesus as Savior and Jesus as Lord we realized that she was not willing to let go of the things in her life that were holding back her spiritual growth. She basically told us that Jesus has forgiven her of all of her sins therefore her lifestyle was not an issue to Him.
We prayed for her anyway. We were hoping that something amazing would happen during the prayer that would cause her to have a desire to change her lifestyle.
Amazing things did happen. The pain would subside and then it would increase. The pain would move from one area of her body to another. A word was given that brought her to tears. Other pains that she was experiencing were gone. But the health issue of concern would not let go of her and her mind wasn’t changed regarding her lifestyle.
When the woman left our house she was having difficulty walking and it was tough to watch. It was tough to watch because the lifestyle choices she was making were directly connected to her health issue. If she would only change her lifestyle by making Jesus Lord instead of only her Savior then she could be free of any health issue, any bondage and any other power Satan would hold over her.
1 Peter 2:24 tells us that Jesus shed his blood so that we could be free from the punishment we deserve for the sins we committed and that He gave His body so that we could be free of any physical ailment as we live out our lives in these mortal bodies. However, this scripture also says that we are to die to sins and live for righteousness. This is an action on our part. It is a conscious decision to put off sin and to put on righteous living. Ephesians 4:22-25 spells out in detail that we are to put off our old way of living and put on righteousness.
We are promised in Romans 10:9 that we will be saved if we believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and if we confess Jesus as Lord. In this day and age people say things all of the time that they don’t really mean. But as the Author of scripture God expects when we say or confess something then the words that we say are an actual truth. When we confess Jesus as Lord then it means we are making strides daily to cease living in sin and live righteously.
When we don’t make Jesus Lord then we give Satan the right to wreak havoc in our lives and there is very little that can be done to stop him with any effectiveness.

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